About Wayne Sturman

Ithaca College graduate Wayne Sturman earned several academic honors while pursuing his degree. Achieving magna cum laude stature, Sturman was asked into the Delta Mu Delta Honors Society and Phi Kappa Phi. As one of the oldest honor societies in the United States, Phi Kappa Phi acknowledges the academic achievements of top students at esteemed universities. Wayne Sturman accepted this prestigious invitation and is a member among notables like Supreme Court Associate Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, chemist Linus Pauling, and former President Jimmy Carter.

While a student, Wayne Sturman also attended NYU and studied real estate finance and taxation. Sturman co-founded a real estate finance and aquisition company in New York, where he also heads the company’s private equity investments, In the current market downturn, bridge financing is one of the few solutions to owners looking to refinance, or buy back debt at a discount from cash hungary institutions. Sturman only looks for senior debt structures, and in some cases, when appropriate profit participations.

On the private equity front, Sturman looks for alternative energy related venture capital investments, such as fuel cell combined heat and power systems. Sturman notes that clean tech companies will produce products that will lower dependence on foreign oil and reduce harmful emissions into the environment. Sturman also noted that European and certain asian governments have become very pro-active in furthering clean energy technology, through grants and tax credits. This will help to ultimately lower costs.


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